Friday, 26 June 2015

Who Says Your Jeans (Or Chinos) Have To Be Blue Or Black?

Why do we instinctively sashay towards blue or black jeans whenever we are out shopping? Gray jeans are just as nice and versatile. You can wear them with almost anything, same as your blue jeans. There are so many different shades of gray that you could try - Ash-gray, blue-gray, charcoal, platinum, silver, etc, they all fall under the general 'gray' category. The key is to find the exact shades that work for you. A cool thing with gray is that, as it fades with wash and wear, it just keeps becoming another and yet another nice shade of gray. Gray even looks good with light shades like nude colors! See what I mean.

1. Looks great with a black jacket

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 2. Still looks elegant on this light colored blazer

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3. Gray on gray - super win!

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4. They look good with any color

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5. They look good with stripes and polka dots too

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6. It looks good on guys too

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So tell me again, why the heck don't you have a pair of gray jeans or chinos in your wardrobe?

By the way, please ignore the fact that most of the jeans in the photos I used are skinny jeans. Doctors warn that skinny jeans should be avoided as much as possible now, so please try to stick to straight jeans.

Cover image via Pinterest.

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